Over and under the sea

At Nautisub, we provide support on all scuba diving equipment from the leading brands, including Mares, Technisub, Cressi, Seac and Scubapro, dealing specifically with regulators, pressure gauges, jackets, lamps, spearguns and tanks.

We offer a very wide range of spare parts for rapid delivery. Moreover, we carry out regular servicing of tanks, as required by current legislation (4 years after manufacture and 2 years after the latest service); this involves subjecting the tanks to hydraulic, weight and ultrasound tests. In addition, we are specialists in internal cleaning using tumbling, sanding and coating techniques. We service all types of valves and have a plethora of new valves in stock, including M 25 x 2, M 18 x 1.5, ¾ Gas and 17 E, all with CE marking. Oxygen connectors and protectors are also available.

We offer on-site support for Bauer compressors, thanks to our mobile workshop, with most spare parts available from stock. We carry out regular and emergency maintenance operations and have access to a large number of high-pressure connectors, decanting hoses up to 300-bar, interceptor and outlet valves, and surface pressure gauges.

We prepare tank groups for technical use: 10 + 10 litres, 12 + 12 litres (long), 18 + 18 litres, with or without central manifold. Rapid tank refill up to 300-bar with EN 12021-compliant air.