Over and under the sea

The store sells the most respected diving equipment brands, including MARES, TECHNISUB, CRESSI SUB, SEAC SUB and SCUBAPRO, with the ranges encompassing everything from highly economical products, such as those for snorkelling, all the way to items such as jackets, regulators, computers, semi-dry suits and dry suits, even taking in products for free diving, such as spearguns and compressed-air guns, zipless or zipped wetsuits, and long flippers. The staff will provide easy-to-understand explanations of how everything works.

We offer support on all of the items that we sell, with a workshop located right under the store stocked with thousands of spare parts. The workshop is authorised by all of the brands we sell to carry out repairs on spearguns, regulators, jackets, valves and lamps, with rapid turnaround times even during the high season.

We also rent out tanks, regulators and jackets, and we can refill your tank in a maximum of 10 minutes! Alongside scuba diving, here at Nautisub we also deal with everything related to fishing (from the shore or from a boat or trawler), and we have live bait available throughout the year. In addition, we offer numerous products for sailing, including on-board equipment, rope and nautical charts covering the whole of Sardinia. We even have a large range of summer items such as air beds, inflatables, parasols, sandals, flip-flops, slip-ons, etc.