Andrea Padre


Our motorboat, the “Andrea Padre” is 18.08 metres long by 4.96 metres wide. It was built in 1955 in Cattolica by the Della Santina shipbuilding company and, when it was launched the following year, began its long career as a fishing vessel. Owned for many years by the Pirichittu family – leading lights of the fishing industry in Alghero – it was mainly used to fish for sardines, but also for coral, and even served as a trawler for a number of years. In 1993, it was purchased by Nautisub, which gave it a full overhaul, even changing the appearance of the above-deck section, and after two years it entered its second life as a motorboat for the transport of divers.

Today, the “Andrea Padre” is a SOLAS-approved passenger motorboat, with a capacity of 60 – 48 passengers seated comfortably on the benches at the back, with 12 seated in the indoor lounge, all with their own tables. In addition, the boat also features a bathroom, a kitchen, a large sun deck in the raised section and a ladder for easy access to the sea. Last but not least, there is also a mini-bar offering great-tasting coffee and other fresh drinks.




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